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March 8, 2021

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Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Jesus, the ever present teacher in our school, leads me in making these commitments:

I will pray daily for myself and others.
I will have a reverent attitude during prayer, prayer services, and liturgy.
I will treat religious symbols and sacramentals in a reverent manner.
I will follow the Law of Love and the Ten Commandments.
I will recognize and affirm the goodness of others.
I will help those in need.

I will not use profanity or obscene language.
I will not make inappropriate or hurtful comments toward or about my classmates or teachers.
I will not use violence to solve my problems.

I will always do my best in all classes.
I will demonstrate self-control.
I will be accountable for my behavior.
I will complete all assigned work on time.
I will demonstrate appropriate behavior in classes and at school functions.

I will model fair play and include others in activities and decision making.
I will refrain from judging others rashly.
I will support and encourage my classmates.
I will live by the rules.

I will keep my commitments to myself and others.
I will not spread rumors or gossip about others.
I will keep my promises and tell the truth at all times.

I will show compassion and kindness.
I will treat others the way I would like to be treated.
I will think of others before I think of myself.
I will forgive those who have injured me.

I will respect the authority of the teachers and other staff members.
I will follow the rules that govern my classroom.
I will show school pride by taking care of school property.
I will become active in class discussions and school activities.