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April 11, 2021

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Scrip Center


  • Welcome to the St. Apollinaris Catholic School Scrip Program 2018/2019.  Please take the time to read the following information, as it will surely help you understand our program and maximize your profit.

What is Scrip? 
Scrip is just another word for gift cards.  We purchase a variety of gift cards from local and regional retailers at a discount and sell them to our school and parish community for full face value.

What is the purpose of this program?
Scrip is one of the school’s main fundraisers and generates funds to offset the actual cost to educate our children.

Why should you participate?
Each family has a Scrip obligation of $400.00.  You may choose to opt out of the scrip program and pay $500.00 with your registration, or you may participate and meet your goal by purchasing Scrip.  I highly recommend participation, as if you supersede your obligation, 50% of your overage is credited towards your tuition or registration.  If you choose to participate, but fail to make any purchases throughout the scrip year, you will be billed the non-participation buy-out fee of $500.00.

Is this $400 in total sales?
In order to reach your obligation you must make a PROFIT of $400.00.  For example, Brown’s Valley Market has a contribution of 5%.  Therefore, if you know you spend $500 a month at Brown’s Valley Market, use Scrip and you will receive $25 a month toward your obligation:  $25 a month for 12 months is $300.00! If you commit to just groceries and gas, you should be able to meet or exceed your obligation.

When does the Scrip year begin, and where may I purchase it?
The Scrip year begins May 1 and goes through April 30th. You may purchase Scrip in the school office during regular school hours or after Sunday Mass in the school office from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Scrip is sold in the summer months during our summer office hours and after Church on Sunday between 8-12pm.

How will I know how much credit I have?
Your scrip totals will be updated quarterly on School Speak, and you will receive a final billing statement noting any balance due in May.  You may contact me at any time by email or in the school office with questions regarding your account.

What is the best way to meet this goal?
We have a variety of ways to obtain this goal:

1:         Purchase Scrip in the office

2:         Sign up with to earn rebates while shopping at Lucky, the eScrip online shopping mall or smaller independent grocery stores.

3:         Purchase scrip online through

4:        Benefit-Mobile App


Consistency is the key to success! Get your friends and family involved.  Use Scrip for Christmas gifts, Father’s Day etc.  You may begin purchasing on May 1 for the 18/19 School Year!


**Earn Parent Volunteer Hours

       During the year there are opportunities to earn Parent Volunteer hours by selling scrip on Sundays or picking up scrip from local vendors. 

Please contact me if you are interested in these opportunities. 


Ways to Earn

    1. Gift Cards purchased in the school office. There are over 100 vendors to choose from. Safeway, Whole Foods, Browns Valley Market, Wal-Mart, Target and Shell to name just a few.  We have Scrip for just about everything; Fuel, food, clothing, travel and home improvements.  Each merchant offers a different percentage value (1-50%)

2. Grocery Club Cards

                     i.Lucky– 3% of your qualifying purchases go towards your obligation.­ Your earnings will be tracked by your phone number; no club card is needed.  Go to and sign up… Our group ID is 137105831.

3. eScrip Online Mall – Visit and click on “About the Program”. Here you will find information on signing up your           existing credit cards or ATM cards as well as information on thousands of retailers at the online mall. Here you may choose from     over 1000 vendors such as Nordstrom, Apple, Dell, and The North Face. Shopping through the online mall with your credit               cards will earn you credit towards your obligation. We will receive a monthly report with your contributions. You must renew           and  update your credit cards on a yearly basis to continue receiving credit.  Go to and sign up…Our group ID        is 137105831.

4.  Here you will be able to purchase gift cards, pay online with Presto Pay, and reload and          download gift cards to your home computer. Perfect for those unexpected purchases!

 How do I access my account?

1.Log onto

2.Click “my account” in the top bar and create an account.

School ID:E11F627C9L85

i. PrestoPay:  The PrestoPay payment system through offers you the convenience of shopping and paying for your scrip from the comfort of your home.  PrestoPay uses the same secure electronic payment transfer used by direct deposit systems.  Simply visit the secure PrestoPay area at and enter your checking account information.  A .15 cent convenience fee for each order will apply.

ii. ScripNow: ScripNow allows you to order scrip from selected retailers on and then have the certificates downloaded to your computer within minutes.  Home Depot,, Cabela’s and Starbucks are just a few of the growing number of retailers offered.  You may pay by check in the office; however PrestoPay is the quickest way to have your scrip sent to you.

iii.Reload Scrip:  You may reload certain scrip cards on when using Presto Pay.  Arco and Lowes are a few reloadable cards.   Please check their website for details and more participating vendors. is a great new app that you may add to your phone.  Here you may buy, manage and redeem your digital gift cards instantly.  There are over 80 Participating retailers like Target, Amazon and Whole Foods.  It’s super easy!

How do I participate?

1.Download the Benefit mobile app from the iTunes store or Google play Store

2.Search for our school

3.Shop at any of the participating retailers and use the app at check out.

4.Use credit cards or do an automatic checking account deduction for purchases.

*** Please note that if you use your credit card as means of payment, your contribution will be less than if you pay by checking account deduction.

5.The school will receive a monthly report on your contributions


 5. Custom House Home Furnishings – 706 Trancas Street 224.5544

i. 3% of all purchases – cash or check orders only

ii. Let them know you’re from St. A’s before making the purchase

6. The Law offices of Hines Carr Diamond, LLP – 258.6234

Taxation, business, real estate, estate planning, wills, trusts and probate.

i. Contributes 5% of fee

ii. Scrip participant referrals – 3% contributions

7. Shamrock Newsletter

i. Look for updates, changes, and important info in the weekly edition.

8. Raffle Drawing– Each time you make a purchase in the office, you may enter to win the monthly scrip drawing.


Forms of Payment:  Cash or Check.