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April 26, 2019

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What is MERCY?  The Sisters of Mercy were the founding educators at our school in 1959.  They dedicated their vocation to teaching students at our school for the next 40+ years.  To honor them and what they did for our school, we call our Parents Club “MERCY”.  This year we have been asked to help raise $115,000 through school fundraising events only that will help continue to keep down the cost of our tuition.

For the 2018/2019 school year would like to make changes to our MERCY Parents Club to be more parent inclusive.  We will continue to help continue to improve our school, to keep the cost of tuition down by fundraising opportunities and begin the process of improving our school campus and classrooms through “fund a future” donations.

Fundraising Goal

To achieve this fundraising goal, each family is required to volunteer 30 hours each school year.  The hours will be split into two categories:

  • 15 ‘A’ Hours for fundraising events (30 A Hours also will complete your requirement). The events include….
    • September 29th – Paella in the Park
    • April 12th – Walk A Thon
    • Daily Lunch Program Serving Opportunities
    • Mother/Child Bowling Night – Date TBD
  • 15 ‘B’ Hours for school growth and child development. Examples include fields trips, classroom help

Fund a Future/Capital Improvements

This year we will be creating the “October Fund a Future” month.  All of the money that we raise for the fund a future will be set aside for capital improvements to our school campus.  When school resumes we will be sending out a survey with the Top 10 capital improvements the school needs (for example, security cameras, bathrooms, etc.).  All families will be asked to rank these improvements based upon what you feel is most important for our school.  As we collect the funds for these improvements, separate from our school’s general fund, we will use the completed survey results to complete the projects for our school.   All information on the survey will be published and sent to all families.

Every family is critical to our school’s success and with the leadership of our new principal, Olivia Brazil, we look forward to all the upcoming changes and future enhancements we know our school needs.  We are excited for this school year to begin and everything the future brings for our children.


Best regards,

2018/2019 MERCY Leadership Team


*There are a number of leadership opportunities available, we need help with such as Mother/Child Bowling Night, lunch program and we are always welcome to any ideas you have that can benefit our school.  Please contact Olivia Brazil if you would like to help our team, all of your help is needed and greatly appreciated.