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April 11, 2021

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Prayer for Wisdom and Love

O God, send us your Spirit of Wisdom.

Nothing compares with knowing you, Lord,

And your ways.

Teach us your ways.

O Jesus, you are Divine Wisdom,

Hidden for all eternity

In the heart of the Father.

You have made yourself accessible

To each one of us.

When we call, you answer us in our need.

My Lord, thank you for coming to earth

To save us.

To save every child,

To save every mother,

To save every father,

To save the whole world,

You became a little child

In the womb of the Virgin.

You lived and grew and

You taught us all we need to know.

And then you laid down your life

For each one of us.

We long, O Lord, for eternal life,

And you long to give us this gift.

From heaven now and from the Holy Tabernacle

You look into the heart

Of each one of us,

And you call us by name.

Make us hear, Jesus.

Make us love you.

Use us to bring your love

To everyone we meet.

To the children-your love

To the mothers-your love

To the fathers-your love-

To the whole world.

Jesus, we want to follow you

Wherever you go.

Lead us, Lord, in your love.

Nothing is more important than

Loving you!

We want with all our hearts

To say “yes” to you

Whenever you call,

Whatever you ask.

Dear Lord, let nothing come

Between us and your love.

Dear Lord, save those who are lost

And full of hate

And full of sorrow

And so alone.

Turn the hearts of Mothers and Fathers

Toward their children.

Turn the hearts of all people

To you.

Jesus, let us seek you,

Let us find you,

Let us praise you,

Let us know you more and more.

Let us love you eternally.

Let us love you, now,

And forever. Amen.