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March 8, 2021

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School Governance

Participation and acknowledgment of the interests and needs of each segment of our school community is at the core of the decision making process of the school administration. The pastor, Father Fergal McGuiness and Principal, Mrs. Olivia Brazil, as school administrators, actively seek and encourage participation and input from all segments of the school community. Consensus building at St. Apollinaris Catholic School is a strong component of building a faith filled community.

St. Apollinaris Catholic School Council

Made up of parents elected by the school community or appointed by the principal, the School Council is an advisory body for the St. Apollinaris Catholic School Administration.

The pastor and principal are actively engaged with the School Council. They continually seek input from the Council concerning school matters including the Catholicity of the school; finances, including budget preparation and setting of tuition; plant maintenance; long range planning; and school policy. The principal, in collaboration with the School Council, works on development, including fund raising and marketing. The principal identifies issues for the council’s action and listens to the council’s counsel. The school council, in their consultative capacity, works with the school administration to further strengthen and build an active Catholic faith filled community.

Meetings are held as scheduled and are open to the school community.

2019-2020 School Council Members



To learn more, or apply for the Council, please click on the following links:
School Council Constitution
School Council Application

MERCY is the name of the Parent Teacher Association at St. Apollinaris Catholic School. MERCY is an acronym for Making Education Reach Catholic Youth. The purpose of this organization is to enlist the spiritual, educational and social resources of home and school to provide the best Catholic education possible. MERCY will also provide a forum of exchange for parents and teachers, to provide a solid organization to improve the school’s efforts, and to promote fellowship between all parish and school organizations.

MERCY has a critical role in driving our 4 major fundraisers each year which deliver $ 75,000 minimally to our school budget. All teachers, parents, and guardians of children presently attending St. Apollinaris School are members.

St. Apollinaris Technology Advisory Committee

The St. Apollinaris Catholic School administrators, faculty and parents have undertaken the creation and implementation of a comprehensive technology plan in its TK through 8 academic programs.

In recognition of the increasing role technology plays in the lives and pursuits of St. A’s graduates, the development of “technology literacy” is viewed as a vital component of our core curriculum in preparing students for the future.

In September 1995, the St. Apollinaris School Council established a Technology Advisory Committee. This committee invited parents, business leaders, parishioners, faculty and staff to participate in the formation of a technology plan. An initial plan was created and an extensive fund raising campaign began.

Through the dedicated efforts of these early technology pioneers, St. A’s has a state of the art computer / media lab, high-speed internet access, PC’s in every classroom, iPad’s and regularly scheduled computer lab classes.

Student focused technology based activities:

-Regularly scheduled, grade specific, outcome based computer literacy classes. (keyboarding through to comprehensive multi-media presentations)

-High-speed internet access in every classroom.

-Subject specific streaming video in every classroom.

-Coordination of teachers to utilize technology as part of class projects or assignments. (multiple research tools and media are encouraged)

-Communication between student family and faculty is available via e-mail.

St. A’s continues its technology initiative with a standing Technology Committee that continues to refine the “Technology Plan”. This committee meets as needed to work in 5 functional areas: Curriculum; Professional Development; Technical Infrastructure; Funding & Budgeting and Monitoring & Evaluation.

Athletic Advisory Board
The Athletic Advisory Board manages the administration of the Athletic program at our school. Working with the Athletic Director, the board handles game scheduling, Diocesan compliance, gym usage and award presentations. The Board sponsors an annual Basketball Tournament to provide competitive excitement to the season as well as raise money to help cover budgetary costs which they oversee.

Administrative Secretary – Mrs. Anna Cardwell
7:55 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Please contact Anna Cardwell for scheduling of appointments to meet with the principal, and for registration and admissions.

School Secretary – Mrs. Victoria Lara
7:55 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Please contact Victoria Lara for all other school related business, Shamrock submissions & information, SchoolSpeak, calendar information, student records and health records.

Bookkeeper – Mrs. Angela McWilliams
Monday through Friday
Please contact Mrs. McWilliams for billing information in the afternoon.