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April 26, 2019

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Map and Traffic Plan

Parking Lot Traffic Plan

For the love of all of our children, please observe the following rules when dropping off and picking up your children.

The parking lot entrance is next to the convent. Children are dropped off and picked up along the horseshoe shaped drive and cars exit alongside the church and convent. Please pull all the way forward to the sign at the front of the church to begin loading/unloading. No loading/unloading should take place past the far right planter in front of the school. Children should enter and exit through the passenger side only.

The back of the school parking area may be used only for after school parking. Due to no adult supervision in the back parking lot all children must be picked up/dropped off in the front school parking lot. Parking alongside kindergarten is not allowed at any time.

* Speed limit is strictly limited to 5 MPH at all times on school grounds.
* Please advise your delegated driver to follow school directives concerning parking and driving.
* Be very careful-especially when backing up.
* Be patient-think of children’s safety.
* Look when changing lanes.
* Stop at the crosswalk when occupied by students or faculty on duty.
* Be observant of children walking or riding bicycles.
* When entering by the convent, the right lane only is for loading/unloading for two minutes or less. The left lane is a drive through lane. No stopping is permitted, as vehicles behind you cannot proceed through the parking lot.
* Do not cut across the parking lot diagonally.
* Do not stop to load/unload in lanes between parking rows, as vehicles behind you cannot proceed.
* Children are not to play in back of the school or tot lot before or after school.
* People must stay in their cars and not leave a running vehicle unattended

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