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April 11, 2021

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Map and Traffic Plan

Driving, Parking and Student Drop off and Pick up

Please be very careful and patient while driving on and off campus. Always think of children’s safety first. The parking lot entrance is next to the convent on Lassen Street. Children are dropped off and picked up in the back of the school near the gym and conference room. Cars exit through the back gate on Rainer Avenue. (Refer to diagram) Cars may not enter through this gate. The gate is open at 7:30AM for Extended Care drop off and closes at the start of the school day. The gate reopens at 2:45PM in the afternoon and closes at 3:15PM.

Students should only exit the car in the coned area where there is supervision. Students should exit on the driver’s side when possible and if needed must cross in front of the car they are exiting. All children are to be picked up/dropped off in the back of the school.

Parents who are parking in the front lot will bring their children to the gym for morning assembly or pick their child up from the back area of the school.

● The front lot is for parking only
● Speed limit is strictly limited to 5 MPH at all times on school grounds.
● Please advise your delegated driver to follow school directives concerning parking and driving.
● No talking to teachers while they are supervising on yard duty.
● Dismissal times for TK-4 is 2:55 P.M. / Grades 5-8 is 3:05 P.M.
○ If you have children in both groups, please come at the later time. Teachers in grades TK-4
will remain with your child.
● If your student is not available for immediate pick up, do not remain in pick-up lane. This only
blocks/delays pick-up for other parents. Either park in parking lot or drive back around. For other
than immediate drop off or pick up, park in the parking lot.
● People must stay in their cars if a child is inside the car or if the vehicle is running.
● Please only pick up or drop off students in designated area.