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July 10, 2020

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Spelling & Geography Bees

National Geography Bee 

Students in grades 5-8 are invited to broaden their knowledge of geography by participating in our annual geography Bees. Fifth and sixth grade students compete in a preliminary Bee where the top four contestants advance to the school level competition of the National Geographic Geography Bee. Interested seventh and eighth grade students prepare for the Bee in organized study sessions, or on their own, vying for the top spot. The winner of the Bee takes a written test in hopes of qualifying for the state level competition.


SCRIPPS Spelling Bee
Each year St. Apollinaris’ top spellers in grades 5-8 compete in the SCRIPPS/San Francisco Chronicle school level spelling bee. These top spellers are invited to study sessions to increase their exposure to the English language through word games and mock-competitions prior to the actual Bee. The top speller in the school proceeds to the next level of competition for a 2 hour written spelling test to qualify for the state competition.