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June 5, 2020

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School Sports News

Sports information night

Thank you to all the parents that attended the sports information meeting last Tuesday. With 220 of our 260 students participating in our Saint Apollinaris athletic program via the multiple sports offered, it really makes a difference to communicate the many elements of the program. If you were unable to attend, a written wrap-up will be distributed in the coming days.


One item not mentioned – Cheerleading! Cheer is offered to all 8th grade students who are interested. We are currently looking to build a more consistent program for cheer, so if you are interested in assisting athletics with this activity (even if you do not have a current 8th grader), please contact the office, or Walt Buchner, SA Athletic Director.


Another great week of Volleyball, and our play-offs begin next week!

The 6th grade girls Volleyball team traveled to Santa Rosa this weekend and applied their great teamwork skills to a challenging first match against St. Rose. They lost that one, but came back to win against Blue Oak in 2 games. They have really improved their overall game, and are eager to play again soon!

The 5th/6th boys team scrimmaged Blue Oak for practice since that team was short on players (we loaned them one), and then won their second match against St. Helena in two straight games. My teammate, Grant Hall, set a new league record by serving 16 times in a row for points! Congratulations to Grant, and the rest of his team.

The 7th grade girls’ team played one game in the early morning hours on Saturday against Saint Helena. They worked hard, but did not win in the end. Even so, their coaches said they played with determination, and always finish with a winning attitude!

7th grade boys’ team entered last weekend with a 6 – 1 record to defend, and got things off to a great start by playing very well against Saint John Napa. They only missed one serve throughout both of the games that it took to win the match. Next was a really close match with Saint Eugene. They did not win this time, but plan to rally back next weekend.

The 8th grade girls team has had very close matches all year, and that did not change this past weekend! They won their first match against Saint Rose, showing great passing skills! They then played a second match against the same team, and it went to 3 games. Every point was exciting, and even though they did not win, they were pleased with how they played.


Spotlight Team of the Week

The 5th grade girls’ team is so proud to be the spotlight team of the week! They won both of their matches in two games straight! The first one was against Saint Eugene, 25 -10 and 24 -14. Their second match was against Saint Mary’s, and even though it was close, they won again! Their coaches, Brett and Kelly Hyatt, said their team has never played better!
**We had 2 Spotlight teams last week, but their articles were not included…so we have included them this week!


7th grade girls defeated St. John’s Healdsburg and St. Mary’s on 9/24 in two quick games each. They once again did an excellent job “calling” the ball and covering each other on the court. Our new girls this year did a super job serving and working together as a team. Then, they had a very exciting match against St. John’s Napa on Monday. Our girls won with a tie breaker game 16-14, and had unbelievable overhand serves and hits. Truly a nail-biting finish! Congrats 7th grade girls!


After having very close games that did not quite go their way on 9/24, the 6th grade girls not only won their first match of the season on Monday, 9/26, but added a second victory against Blue Oak as well! Their serves, passing, and ball calling really made the difference, and their energetic spirit entertained the crowd the entire time! Go 6th grade!
This week’s games:

5th grade girls: at Saint Francis, 1:45 and 2:30PM

6th grade girls: at Saint A’s, 1:30PM

7th grade girls: at Saint A’s, 11:15 and 12:45PM

8th grade girls: at SJ Healdsburg, 10:15 and 11:45AM

5/6th grade boys: at Saint Francis, 11:30 and 1:00PM

7th grade boys: at Saint A’s, 9:00 and 10:30AM


Go Shamrocks!