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July 11, 2020

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Carnival – Calling All Student Cake Decorators!

There are two ways to win for your keen cake decorating skills at this year’s Carnival.

  1.  Annual Cake Decorating Contest– Decorate a cake in the circus theme at home and bring it to school on Friday morning, May 20th by 9 am to be judged by mystery judges. Winners will be announced at the Carnival.  There is no charge to enter your cake.
  2. NEW- Cake Decorating THROWDOWN! Compete individually or as a team at the “Decorating THROWDOWN!”   during this year’s Carnival.  Please click on the order form (Cake Decorating Throw Down Entry Form) to enter yourself or a team of up to 3 individuals to compete.  Cost to enter is $5 for an individual or $10 for teams of up to 3 people.   We will provide the cake and icing and you or your team will choose a mystery bag of items that must be included somehow when you decorate your cake.  You will have a limited amount of time to decorate the cake. Winners will be announced at the time of competition.


Still Need “B”  Points???

It is not too late to rack up quite a few “B” points while helping the 7th grade class put on a great carnival.  If you can bake or purchase a cake or cupcakes you can earn 1 “B” point per cake or dozen cupcakes. Have them delivered to the school the morning of the carnival- Friday May 20th marked clearly with your name so we can credit your family.