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July 12, 2020

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Scrip News


                               Scrip News!

The 2010-2011 Scrip Year ends on May 6th.  All purchases made through this date will be credited to your 2010-2011 Scrip account.

Final balances will be sent out by Friday the 13th.  Any overage credit will be applied to your May tuition, lunch tickets, extended care or carnival tickets.  You must use this overage by the last day of school or your overage will be lost.  Any balance due must be paid by June 1st, 2011.

And the Winner is……… Congratulations to Carol Hall and Family, our April Scrip Raffle Winner and recipient of Yo Belle, Quiznos and Peets gift cards.

Scrip Angels:  Looking to fill you’re “A” and “B” hours for next year?  Sign up to sell Scrip one Sunday a month, August through January of 2012.  Please email or call if you are interested.

Discover Cards: will soon be stocked in the office on a regular basis.  $100 cards and $250 special order.  Many of the same retail stores, grocery stores (trader Joes), hospitals and doctor’s offices will take Discover.

Sylvan Learning Center:  A generous 15% on $50 cards.  You may use this for all services offered at Sylvan.

Pay Your Bill with Scrip:  McCaulous’ Department Store and Kohl’s Department Store allow you to use scrip to pay your bill.

Lucky SHARES Cards:  You must turn in your receipts with your name on them in order to receive credit.  Your receipts must also reflect that you swiped your SHARES card in that transaction.  You MAY NOT receive credit from a receipt that does not reflect the SHARES points.  If you would like a SHARES card, stop by the office.  It’s a great way to help meet your obligation if this is where you shop!

eScrip:  Did you know that has an online mall.  After you register any major credit cards with eScrip, you may begin shopping at stores such as HOME DEPOT, QVC, APPLE, NORDSTROM, AMAZON, eBAY, DELL COMPUTER, BARNES AND NOBLE, LEGO STORE AND SO MANY MORE.  Check it out!

Our school ID is 137105831.  If you have an existing account with eScrip for your Safeway Club Card log on and add your credit cards. If you need help signing up, call me, I will do it for you!  We receive a monthly report with your contribution which is then applied to your Scrip account.