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July 6, 2020

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Gala Announcement!

Announcement to the St. A’s Parish and School Community: It’s time for Education Rocks!!!

This Saturday, March 26, the 2011 St. A’s Gala Dinner and Auction will be starting at 5:30pm on the School Campus.
And here’s the Top 5 Reasons YOU should attend:

5. It’s Easy to Sign Up: You can turn the Response Card into the School Office, fill out a form in the School Office or call the School Office @ (707) 224-6525.

4. You Can Meet New Friends: If you don’t know who to sit with, simply indicate your children’s classroom on the response card, and we’ll do our very best to put the tables together.

3. Bidding is Not Required: You just need to encourage your friends to bid! (Of course, once you see the sleek and easy-to-use BidPal bidding devices – you’ll want to get in on the FUN!)

2. You’ll Actual Save Money: Through the generosity of our many donors, you will be able to get GREAT deals on Family / Premium Dining; Adventures & Activities; Overnight Stays; Sports; and Wine / Wine / Wine.

1. You Want to Thank the Teachers / Aides / Staff of St A’s: What would St. A’s be without these folks? Please come honor these dedicated individuals who are supporting, encouraging and cultivating the growth of our children and “turning today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders”.