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July 10, 2020

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Eighth Grade Assignments Week of October 3, 2011

Eighth Grade Assignments

Week of October 4, 2010



Teacher Subject Assignment
Walter Homeroom Pictures tomorrow
English pg.370 Ex.11-12
Spelling/Vocabulary Synonyms and antonyms
Literature none
Writing/Composition thesis statement
Religion branches of judaism
Mulford Math worksheet and test corrections
History worksheet due wednesday
Stahlecker Science brainstorming ideas
Funk Spanish Group A
Willoughby Computer group B




Teacher Subject Assignment
Walter Homeroom none
English none
Spelling/Vocabulary Unit #2 Choosing The Right Word
Literature the tell-tale heart and q’s
Writing/Composition  5 paragraph essay due thursday
Religion finish judaism notes and test friday
Mulford Math wk 3-3
History worksheet
Stahlecker Science science fair assignment
Funk Spanish Grupo B
Willoughby Computer Group A




Teacher Subject Assignment
Walter Homeroom none
Spelling/Vocabulary Unit #2 Completing the Sentence
Literature summary of poem
Writing/Composition 5 paragraph essay
Religion Religion Test on friday
Mulford Math  
History worksheet
Stahlecker Science vocab quiz tomorrow
Funk Spanish none
Willoughby Computer None.




Teacher Subject Assignment
Walter Homeroom  none
English  pg in notes unit 9
Spelling/Vocabulary  VIC
Literature  worksheet
Writing/Composition  essay due
Religion  none
Mulford Math  
History  worksheet
Stahlecker Science  none
Funk Spanish  none
Willoughby Computer  none




Teacher Subject Assignment
Walter Homeroom Folders go Home Today!
English None
Spelling/Vocabulary None
Literature None
Writing/Composition None
Religion None
Mulford Math 3-10 wksht and start the Assessment and Wrap-Up
History Ch.2 Lesson 3 wksht due Monday.
Stahlecker Science None.
Funk Spanish Same as yesterday
Willoughby Computer None